E-mail Marketing
Site Foresight will design a unique email template that incorporates your brand identity. Our clean, and intuitive layouts inspire readability, usability and subscriber clickthroughs.
A customized email marketing campaign can reach all of your customers, or potential customers around the world in less than a day. Announce new products and/or limited-time offers. With email marketing you can track the progress of your campaign through detailed analytics real time. See exactly who opened the email and who clicked on specific links – very valuable statistics for any business.
We can help you set up your emails for success, and grow your customer list quickly by collecting information from your website visitors. Use our services to:
Analyze the Data — View the totals and percentages for Opens, Clicks, Bounces and Unsubscribes, as well as Forwards, Conversions, Sales and Non-Responders of your emails.
Collect the information you need — Name, email, address, or add custom fields such as shoe size or age, so you can target those folks with the right message
Build your list — Information from your sign-up form is automatically loaded into your master list, so you can send those emails instantly
Stay up to speed — Use sign-up alerts if you want to know who has signed up to hear from you
Segment your lists for niche marketing — Watch your response rates reach new heights when you send out targeted emails to your lists
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